A place not so close to here


In October of 2006 a prayer was spoke that has really fleshed out over the last 9 months and it was a vital conversation between God and me and the path that I have felt like was so overdue at this point for my arrival. In San Diego California there are less than 6% evangelical Christians. Well that’s not too bad of a statistic until you understand that the population is over 3 million people. So less than a hundred and seventy thousand people claim to believe in a risen savior. I once heard someone say that if you took all the non-believers in America and put them together you would have the 11 largest nation in the world??? That’s ridicules! So I ask myself where do I fit into this equation? Well I think that is where San Diego comes into effect. Why San Diego besides the statistic I just gave you…well why not? See, I live in a place where everyone has seen the inside of a church, not saying these people do not need to be reached, but…there are hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of churches in the southeast reaching out to these people…which is great, I happened to be one of those people they reached! But in the west it is a different story. Churches are far, and few in between. Especially evangelical Christian churches. So for some reason that I am not so sure yet people outside the west coast are intimidated of the west coast…well not the catholic, Buddhist, and scientologist! And trust me many more religious affiliations that I haven’t even heard of. So I feel it is time to take a stand, leave a mark, begin a movement. So a couple of southeast probably highly naive, highly ridicules country small town boys are going to take the plunge. We will not try to recreate, but more revamp what church is suppose to look, and sound like. We want a Jesus church where our mission is to develop passionate followers of Christ, and a vision of connecting people to Christ through irresistible environments. There are over 200 thousand college students with over 50 campuses they attend; the population of college students in San Diego is larger than most American cities. These students are entering into the most defining points in their lives and it provides us a unique opportunity to reach them during this pivotal stage. This is a focus of our church, along with the young married couples out there that are beginning what seems to be a defeating life. To quote Charles Malik “More potently by any other means, change the university and you change the world.” We feel strongly in these words and will run the race to make them true. Throughout my posting I will try to help all you out there walk along side of us as we begin the journey of our lives.


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