The Arrival we had all been waiting for!

Elevate, Thoughts

So today was a pretty interesting day, we woke up at 5 a.m. got on MARDA and sat for an hour thinking about the trip we were getting ready to embark on. When we arrived at the airport we were greeted by our team with the same excited faces we were wearing but they also had that same peculiar look in their eyes that this was something bigger than us, and something a whole lot scarier than anyone was going to let on to. So we got on the plane and flew four and a half hours to San Diego California to explore a call that God had laid on our hearts several months back. As soon as we got off the plane at 11:30 a.m. we rushed to our van we were renting, of course not without losing a bag in luggage claim (that put us at about 12) that happen to be the same time our meeting was with Vision San Diego. So we did finally get the bag, then the van, and we also somehow figured out how to get to the office complex we had never seen, of course not without some involuntary site seeing, but nonetheless we arrived. When we walked in the Vision San Diego there were some guys arriving at the same time carrying food, which I thought, “cool these are the caterers.” The reason I say this, beside the obvious (carrying food) is because these guys, to paint a picture for you, were engulfed in tattoos from head to toe, they had spikes coming from their face in places in which I never knew there was even a place to put hole, hair in a pony tail, or hair dreaded…all in all pretty rough characters. So caterers right…Wrong! We sat down and the head guys said, “Welcome fellows, these are our guys who have planted over by such and such!” At this point I knew this was going to be an interesting trip. For the record those rough looking characters would come to be the most authentic prayers, and Christians that I have seen in a long time. These Christians weren’t like our Bible belt Christians, these were barbarians and their stories would become legends I am sure of it. So anyways more about the day we were meeting from 1 p.m. till about 9 p.m. Which was so sensory overload, but nonetheless incredible. We got to visit University of California San Diego, Torrey Hills community (which by the way middle class income was 150 thousand dollars a year), and also several real estate choices that could be our future homes. We were exhausted from the trip, the time change, the decisions we were making, everything! But it was an incredible day, we were able to share a common interest with people on the opposite side of the U.S, and that was the lost of San Diego.


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