Seeing past Blurry!

Bible Journey, Crosspoint, Everyday Life, Thoughts

So today I saw a man suffer like no other, a man that once spilled hope, drown in desperation. What does God want us to see when life gets blurry? When our world has more questions than answers, where does our faith reside? In John 9 Jesus heals a man born blind, and the question from all is why is this man blind, or what did he do to get in this predicament? And Jesus simply answers “he is blind so than the work of God may be displayed through his life.” Are we ok as a generation with that answer, the answer that God gives us through his word, that when there is question, just blame me! We don’t like that, we don’t want to think that this could be a planned event, we like our God sitting smiling on the side of a hill looking down on us. But does he not hold our life in his hands, through the good, and through the bad. When someone dies that you may think should have lived, God held there life in his hand, when someone is sick and continues to suffer even when they have had enough, does God not hold their life in his hand. These are hard facts that we don’t want to think about, when it comes to a God that is in control of everything. And when I saw this man suffer like no other, I thought when life gets blurry what does He want me to see…? And I heard…don’t see the obstacle, but see the purpose. See they saw the obstacle, he was blind! But Jesus saw the purpose, he would see and God would be glorified! I will take my chances with a God bigger than my thoughts, with a God of purpose. They say seeing is believing when it comes to miracles and I say Believing is seeing! If you will believe trust me you will begin to see the stuff that makes this life blurry… a little more clearly.
From Me to You


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