I am a voice shouting in the wilderness clear the way the LORD is coming!

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So this weekend was one of the pivotal points in this journey to San Diego. Kevin, Blake, Travis and Carson and I went to shadow the third fastest growing church in America named Elevation. In this journey we drove 4 hours with a pit stop for coffee and apple pie country style, which was incredible! Then we arrived in Charlotte North Carolina where Kevin suckered us into paying for a hotel room for a couple of hours for 100 dollars? Yes what you are thinking is absolutely true, what a rip!! But I have to say it was worth it because Kevin repeatedly kept calling the “Woman” behind the counter “Sir”, Carson and me were rolling!!! But we were suppose to be at the school where this church meets at 5 a.m., so when we arrived there at 6 a.m. we were excited about what God had in store. Yes 6, I know what you are thinking “slackers” but really we were trying to get our money’s worth from the comfort in. With 200 of the 700 volunteers they transformed this high school into a place of worship before our eyes… which was incredible. The best part of this day is the message that the guest speaker prepared for us, “us” as in the Elevate team, I am certain that God told him to speak to help us see the “Light”. His key points that blew my mind were stuff like this “Don’t be bound by traditions, GO out SWINGING!” and “God takes the most unlikely people who are desperate and makes them unstoppable!” But the point that was amazing is he said “If you have to pray about what God has called you to do, then your prayer becomes an act of disobedience!!” WOW! Because isn’t this an epidemic? Our culture has gotten so comfortable using the phrase “let me pray about it” that it has gotten sickening…he finished to say if God doesn’t want you going somewhere isn’t He sovereign enough to put his foot down and stop you? And I believe that. SO generation, or whoever might read this, it is time to take a stand and ask your self How big is your God, and trust he can change the world through your obedience, so in the famous words of Kevin Campbell, “give him what you got!”

I also was reminded tonight of an incredible story and ministry so please go and check it out, and see how you can help. To Write Love on Her Arms


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