Think Big Live Loud!

Elevate, Everyday Life, Thoughts

So here is the deal I hate the life we have made up. Watch the people around you, they all look like someone is making them live, as though they are tied to some strings like a puppet and just want to break free. “Wait they don’t Love you like I Love you” is written on her shirt as she stands in front of my class and tries to fake a smile, when everyone sees how miserable she must feel underneath the surface, but yet she wears a shirt that she doesn’t even understand…This is so puzzling to me, because whether or not she is a christian or not isn’t even the point, even as a non-believer there is a world out there that offers bliss to individuals like her? So I leave class from seeing this and pray, “God I know where her happiness lies, give me an opportunity to show her, what the meaning of joy is!” Well the funny thing is I headed to an event where Christian’s meet and throw themselves at God….But yet I noticed the pathetic attempt at this pursuit? What has happened to us, we live life like it is a chore, a job, or pretty much a long road leading to death? We cant blame the world for feeling like this, when this is how WE act!! The bible says the world acts like this, because they are of course the “World” they don’t know the difference, but whats your excuse…. The funny thing about writing this right now and thinking this right now is I just got a message that the other pastor from Elevate just wrote a blog about death…I don’t know what his says yet, but i can bet you the message is clear..Think Big Live Loud!! Live the extraordinary life God built for you, not this mediocre life you watch on a Television set in the room you feel you have been locked in for years…Open the door come outside and proclaim as Loudly as you can ” ” I promise you one thing no matter how much this world falls apart around you, you have a foundation, so stand strong…and begin to smile like you mean it!!!! Romans 12:2 Do not comform to this world, but be transforms by the renewing of your mind


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