What is in your Voice?

Bible Journey, Elevate

So last night the elevate team met over at Kevin’s house like we always do on Wednesday nights, and Kevin did the devotion on Matthew 4:18-20. In this verse Jesus walks by the sea of Galilee and sees these two brothers, Peter and Andrew, he says the simplest phrase but probably the most weighted thing he could ever say. “Come, follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” I have always struggled with this verse in life, not that it happened or that two people would give up everything to follow somebody they have never even met, but this fact.. what was in his voice that was so believable that two grown men would risk it all to follow? Is it because they had nothing to lose, or that Jesus looked so fantastic, he just screamed success? What was it? It couldn’t have been the way Jesus looked, i mean you and I know him as a savior, but the people then knew him as a boy who was a carpenter from a lowly family? So this may be wrong to say but i bet Jesus was pretty dirty, i mean they took baths in buckets, or in the rivers and seas and either way, go camping…that clean isn’t that clean? So what was it that convinced these men to drop it all, or to make one of them actually climb out of a boat one day and walk on water. What was so convincing in the word “Come”? I challenged the group last night to pray for this influence. To live a life that people want to follow. I believe Jesus was so courageous, so radical, so authentic and sincere that when he spoke, people seem to get a breath of fresh air. First of all it is a risk, but we sit like 2000 years later and read about this situation that happened on this day. I think about this situation and how God has called our group to San Diego, and try figure out what convinced us, because people had to look at these men crazy for following just this man they call Jesus, and God knows we battle this everyday, people thinking we are ridiculous. But there is beauty in obedience, and Peter whom Jesus called on this day became the rock that Christ built his church on, and i just pray that through him saying to us, “Come” that he will use us to shape what he once had built, back again! And I ask you what is in your voice?


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