God is good, All The TIME!!!

Elevate, Ministry

So I sit here and it is 1 A.M. I have to be at work in a couple hours, but I can’t stop dreaming!! You see tonight was an incredible night, Kevin, Ellenor, Blake, Kelly, and I went to the church to take this conference call from our new found financial buddy Maury Povich!! ha ha it really isn’t Povich, but either way, we really take a step forward with this guys advice on how to become a non-profit organization. It was really encouraging because I felt really good on just working as a team!! So we find out that we need an address in San Diego, before we can register our name, begin our paper work and stuff like that. Well we decide to call a guy, who has been an encouragement to our team since the beginning of this process. His name is Howard, and he was actually the guy at first that we were warned about, from everyone else in San Diego that he would be hard to deal with ….but can i tell you that he has to be the most incredible person we have met out there so far!! So we call him, not only does he say that we can use his address, but he simply says “have you guys found a church out here to partner with you yet?” My blood pressure began to rise…and then he tells us that he wants his church to start supporting us financially, then he tells us he is going to offer up office space for our team to use!!! Can I Just say “HOLY CRAP” Man you can never out give God!!! I am telling you… you three people that probably read this…test him!! Give what he has asked of you and let him blow your mind!! So please pray for this transition, because I am telling you once we land on San Diego soil…Watch Out! Because I know God is with us…and he is on fire!


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