The Joy of a Day off….

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So today I went to the doctor, because I have somehow contracted the crud the rest of the world has, upper respiratory infection, bronchitis, sinus infection…. fun fun fun, so i took the day off, only to really not take the day off, just to catch up on some things that had to be done. Kevin and I met this afternoon, for our weekly meeting, just to plan, brainstorm, but essentially catch up…it might be weird but I love just talking about how incredible God is being to us right now, and to plan our next move…WOW!! I just want you to know with obedience comes blessings that you cant even account for! Also let me tell you, I would rather do this with no other person than a friend, Kevin. It is so cool, to believe in someone as your pastor, but also as a brother, God really knows how to put the icing on the cake. As for fundraisers we had our doughnut sell Saturday, this was a shot in the dark to see if we could raise some money , and we did, over $500, which is incredible, then last night we had our first annual Christmas party, somehow I left with a picture of Carson and Blake laying in front of the Christmas tree?? No trust me it is as weird as it sounds, but yet hilarious. Then today after our meeting, Simeon and I worked on our first T-shirt design which I am really excited about, but as good as things are, Satan always has a plan to try to ruin what God has blessed. Someone on our team, is really experiencing some hardcore spiritual warfare, and my heart just broke today when I discussed this situation. I wish I could replace myself with this person, but I cant? I can only pray. See it is very hard for me to separate myself from situations sometimes and really give them to God. I don’t really have this problem when it comes to myself, but when someone on my team takes a hit it is hard for me to sit and listen and depend on God to prevail? So tonight I pray the prayer that I have prayed before, but tonight it is for a friend.

“God show HER, if this is what they are to do.”


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