GoodBye 07′

Everyday Life, Relationship, Thoughts

So yesterday at church, my pastor went over the next plans for our church (This is the church I am currently attending) West Hills. It was exciting to hear what God had done with 3 pastors and a some faith and a lot of obedience. I begin to just pray to God as Tyler(my pastor)shared with the congregation, the good times and the trying times that got us as a congregation to the point it is. One thing he said is sometimes God opens the door somewhere to get you there, only to show you a different route, but that if God was to show you the route that he would eventually have you on, it might be to much for you to handle, so he takes steps to get you there. I couldn’t help but dream, and think about what God has called our team to do, and whether it really looks like we imagine, or better yet, it is really more that we can ever imagine, but God is just giving the steps for us to get there? Either way it is December 31, 2007, the last day of this year, and it has been a good year, but I cant wait for January 1, 2008 because what follows tomorrow only He knows, and I am finally beginning to like it like that,I have found that he can paint such a better life than I have ever been able too!! So tonight, I will go celebrate with my fiance the profound year that is on its way, then tomorrow I will drive 8 hours to New Orleans, to celebrate the victory my Georgia Bulldogs will be bringing and everyday this year I will celebrate the day as though it is the last, because this year I will live it for Him!


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