Sugar Bowl!

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Wow, so this week I drove 7 hours to New Orleans for the beating of a life time by the Bulldogs and on the recieving end would be the Hawaii Warriors. We took time to walk down the infamous Bourbon street, only to be yelled at by some man who wore a sign saying Jesus Saves! As I passed him, I was a little confused by the message he was presenting, because he “kindly got in my face and, with the love of Jesus in his heart scream!!!! “Hey you rebeler, where you going to your FootBall Temple, for it is the doorway of hell!!”” And here I thought I was just going to watch a college football game?? I guess the point of my sarcasm is… as I drove in to downtown New Orleans I passed what seemed to be thousands of homeless living underneath the overpass, with little to no hope in the world left, and not a mile away, this man felt he was helping the cause of Christ? Really lets think about this “What would….Jesus do? The greatest thing about coming in contact with this man is as we passed Kelly simply asked is that really affective? This man, maybe pastor, or who knows who he was truly believed he was being affective, which the only attention this man got was from the passing Christians threatening to send him to Jesus, if he did not quit professing false doctrine…Unfortunately this was hilarious but yet really sad!! Please if you read this…dont become this man!!!! First of all, but better yet pray for the bayou, because it is still a hurting place, and the only sign of hope was a man with a sign, and an infamous bullhorn?


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