First Day of the Spring Semester

Everyday Life, Ministry, Thoughts

So today in one of my Sociology classes we were talking about how much we were restricted to society. What ever is the norm, we must face following that, or suffer the consequences. My teacher also explained how predictable we were as a species, because we act according to the way we were taught? Or at least stay within the safe zone of disobedience. I couldn’t help to think how true this was even as Christians. Well it is so true, on one hand, but on the other we are missing the boat completely. Here is the truth, we play in the safe zone, we act according to how society says act, and we follow the measurement of success that we have been told measures success? Here is where we don’t line up…we don’t follow how we have been taught. Here is why I say that, Jesus when he walked on this earth he radically went against what majority of society felt was the norm…on top of that he says “Follow Me!” So When is the last time we actually were accused of following him? When is the last time we didn’t fold under the pressure of what everyone else around us says is the way to live, even when we knew it contradicted what Jesus said? So I guess my teacher is kind of right, we do as were told to a certain degree, it just depends on who does the telling.


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