Wow What a weekend

Crosspoint, Elevate, Everyday Life, Relationship

So this was a pretty intense weekend, but yet one of the most exciting ones in a while, Starting off with Thursday night, my fiance told me after a very important telephone call with a future prospect for a job in San Diego, that she was excited and confident in this move more than ever. She simply said “as I was talking to this guy, this guy being “the president of a major communications company” all I could think was it doesnt matter where I work, how much money I make, or even what this looks like, God is going to be glorified!”” Let me tell you with the journey that we have had, this is such a blessing to here, and definately a gift from God to hava a partner in this like Kelly!

Then we had our first real directional team meeting, which is what we are calling our executive staff, which was awesome to get together and just dream big, set goals, and finally get our EIN number for our non-profit status.

Then Saturday morning Blake and I, which Blake is our Admin./Small Groups Pastor, set up our Elevate Checking account, which maybe dumb if you are not a church planter, but it is just one of those small time things that make you feel as though you are heading in the right direction.

This morning was not short of amazing the team and I packed up at 5:30 this morning and headed over to Oak Leaf Church in Cartersville where we were able to shadow an amazing individual Daniel, and also have lunch with their senior pastor Michael and their Executive Pastor Anthony. It was great just to see the set up those guys have, and hear the advice they had to offer, Oak Leaf is a church we would love to see a partnership with in the future God willing, I definately believe in what those guys are doing.

Finally Small Group Tonight….Small Groups are the way to go I missed all of them through the break, they are like family! But I will give the up and up on that lesson tomorrow.

Time to hit the talk and polish it up for tomorrow nights CrossPoint!


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