oh snow!

Elevate, Everyday Life

So here in Georgia snow is not exactly our friend, and of course as a Elevate team we planned one of the more important meetings we have had so far…and that would be the informational meeting with our parents! So as the morning came yesterday the snow began to fall, and so did our potential attendees. This was already somewhat of a stressful meeting, because it could have gone one of two ways, but then when you add a little snow on top, things always become interesting. But surprisingly we had all but a couple parents show up, it was pretty awesome because we even had some folks drive over 3 to 4 hours to make this meeting. But I have to say amongst the chaos this was an incredible time for our team. I remember the point of the meeting that i became overjoyed, was at a point that Kevin had asked all the separate tables to pray with those around the table. As my table got finished, I looked up to see families embracing each other, and to me this was the moment that some of our families realized how serious we really were. I even think they were really encouraged that their children could be so radical and barbaric. But I have to say there has never been a moment that my mother has questioned this calling, which I guess for the first time I realized yesterday how much of a blessing that is to me and this process…so thanks mom! But past that I have a really funny story to add…The directional team arrived an hour earlier yesterday to take pictures for our website, well our photographer never made it. At first I admit I was a little upset, that he was breaking his appointment until my phone began to vibrate. As I looked down at a text I was floored because of what I read, somehow this man locked himself in the bathroom and was lock in for over two hours!! He said he started trying to disassemble the door cleanly, until claustrophobia kicked in and so did the door.. he swears this is true, but even if it wasn’t it was such a creative story it doesn’t even matter!!
And I will close saying this, I guarantee Jesus didn’t worship in the best conditions, considering they traveled majority of the time, but we cancel church for a little wintry outcome, I am thinking we would never make it in Jesus time!!


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