A letter from my mom…

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So my mother came to our luncheon this weekend and something inside her very sweet and genuine heart compelled her to take a stand for our team and our journey. I would like to preface that this journey is so much easier with a mother like her…check it out~

To all of the concerned parents and families of the Elevate team:

You don’t know me, I am not important, but my sons are Christopher Reynolds and Mark Mycroft. They are a part of the Elevate team going to San Diego with your children. I just wanted to share with you a few thoughts. I feel compelled to write this after our luncheon. I wish I had spoke up within the luncheon; however, I tend to be long winded and emotional with such things and we all needed to get home out of the snow. I am hoping that I can help with your troubled feelings concerning the journey our children are about to embark.

We raise our children in hope that they will love the Lord and be willing to serve Him in whatever way He needs. We have taught them faith, love, and the strength in His word. He saw it fit to bless us with these beautiful people, our babies, our children, our future. As parents, we have guided and shown every way we can to make sure that our children could face the challenges of such a troubled world. Now, it is time. It is our time to remember the faith we taught them. The faith we see that they now have. It worked! We did a great job! When I saw those young people, those adults who we still think of as our babies, I knew they were all we had hoped they would be. They have become all we had been promised that they would be if we guided them through God’s Word. Within their hearts, you could see the strength of armies, armies to fight God’s battles against the turmoil of this country. How wonderful is that!?!

The courage of these children is phenomenal! They are willing to give up the comforts that they have to face a journey unknown to all of us. The love and passion they have for the Lord is a testimony of what you have done as parents. They are your testimony. As much as we are afraid for them, we must be willing to stand by what we have taught them.

When I see the joy, passion, love, laughter, strength, and light that they have for Christ. It is contagious. When the youth of San Diego see this, not only will they feel compelled to find that love, but they will see what God has provided and what you have shared through your children with them. Mom, Dad, all family members, feel joy, pride, and confidence in your children. They are out to make changes in the lives of the lost. If they change the life of one and it doubles to the family that they begin, it will only continue to spread and multiply. I can’t help but wonder how many people will meet our children and follow them to the promise of eternal salvation.

If we try to keep them from doing what God has called them to do, we defy God. We deny our faith and look to the doubt that Satan hopes to push within our hearts. He is the only wedge that can be put between your faith and what your children are called to do. Don’t give him that power!

I am so proud of this group! These young people are your babies but they are adults and I couldn’t be any prouder to know them. So many young people choose simple professions such as healing with medicine, or protecting the innocent with laws, and our children have chosen the uphill climb of saving lives and souls with the walk and word of God. How strong they are!

Continue to pray. Continue to give them your love, support, encouragement, and continue to show them your faith, in them, and in the Lord. They carry your strength and love. I know that you realize how great your children are and how much they influence those around them. I am so thankful that they go as team into this darkness so that they can carry each other through to the victory of changing lives and changing our world. It gives me comfort to know that they are not alone, that my children are not alone. They have your children with them; they have your prayers to support them, and God to guide them.

Thank you for your children. This world is a better place due to their love and your love in Christ.

Margaret Brown


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