"This man welcomes sinners and eats with them"

Elevate, Ministry, Thoughts

This verse simply compels me to remember why he is my Savior. I have been accused of a lot of things, but I love reading the scriptures because even when religious people are trying to cut Jesus down..he still sounds amazing! I know this sentence is so simple and maybe not even significant to you, but this whole chapter in Luke 15 tells of such an incredible story, and I feel as though, this is one of the reasons we are going to San Diego. It says when you have a hundred sheep, and you lose one out there in the wilderness do you not go after it… and even to this day when we are 4 months out on heading out west, I still get the same old line about isn’t there people here to help too. Yes there is people here, but I sometimes want to say “one of us have to go out into the dark to find the rest, fine I will stay and you go!” But I can only imagine the response I would get. I had a unique conversation about, some “Jesus Camp Documentary” maybe you have heard of it, I haven’t personally watched it, but the stories this guy told made this movie seem to be a pretty entertaining documentary. By the way also a pretty bogus concept of what it is like to be a Christian! But this guy simply asked “why aren’t you like this?” And wow the conversation we had was amazing, I mean he didn’t accept Christ today, but why would he? Becoming a christian is pretty cultish to him and the way society makes us out to be, and better yet the way Christians make us out to be! But I would hope today some radical(not in a good way) religious person would ridicule me! Because I became closer to someone who is far from believing the same way as me, and something inside me would lay my life down for him..right now! So please if you read this, don’t just read this, hear me loud and clear…get out of your bubble, because there are people out there with pretty jaded views of our Savior. Trust me it doesn’t take me going for me to live it, but living it is what makes me go.


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