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So I started reading this book by David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons called “Unchristian”. Someone had once told my friend and Lead Pastor of Elevate that this is the culture we are getting into by moving to San Diego to start a church.

Here are some interesting and sad but true points so far in the first couple chapters:

1~ “There are twenty-four million non-believers in this country who are ages sixteen to twenty-nine.”
2~ “Technologies connect young people to information and each other, and power their self-expression and creativity.” (this is why there us such a craze on Blogging)
3~ “These days nearly two out of five young non-believer claim to have a bad impression of present day Christianity.”(38% bad) (45% neutral) (16% good)

I have heard many people say that this book bashes Christianity, but the author preface this by saying he is going to paint a clear picture of this world is turning to, so maybe we should focus on the perception of others, instead of getting offended?


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