Just a reminder, that I was reminded with tonight!

Crosspoint, Everyday Life, Thoughts

Christ did not die so that bad people could become good……But for people that were dead to become alive!! I know it is weird to think that Christ is in you and also around you? But I heard a verse tonight…that cleared this up, and the weird thing is, it is the same talk we are doing tomorrow night…at CrossPoint! But you were born in Sin and Sin was in You! Because you are a descendant of Adam. Right? So God sends Jesus, you receive him, he takes you out of the sin Romans says your dead in, and Redeems you!!! How is it that such a simple truth we have complicated so much? When God looks at you as a believer, he sees Him..not so much you, but more Him. So rejoice you are no longer dead….you are Alive..and there is no one in “Hell” that can take that from you…get it “Hell” a place…..never mind I have said to much…Goodnight!


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