So whats been going on with me lately?

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So this week I have been working overnight every night at my job..go in about nine thirty role out about four thirty…what a life!! Ha Ha yeah right…I know you are not buying that. So last night was a real roller coaster for me, Kevin called me and told me that our money had come in from NAMB, of course not what we were told was going to be the possible amount, in true form not even close, and I had sort of a hiccup? You see, the one thing that I have struggled with throughout this whole church planting Biz, is how hard it is for Christians to reach out to us and help us financially. On the flip side the thing I have least worried about was money? Well, starting yesterday afternoon, I had this really weird empty feeling, that I could not pin point, and then I get his call…do I think they were related…nah but for that second I was real concerned? But then it was like God reached down and thumped me, and said chill out I got this. See, me and the directional team for Elevate have been reading through Acts, and in the early church, money was never a real concern for the people, in fact when they came to Peter, they had sold everything to follow the cause and they gave it all up, and Peter redistributed it so that everyone was taking care of…that is the faith I want to have when it comes to money…

Well it is time for me to go to work again, last night! Then I will be doing wedding stuff all weekend, between my cousin Don’s wedding and my buddy Josh’s wedding…tis the season! Good Luck boys!


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