What is Pleurisy?

Everyday Life

Pleurisy, also called Pleuritis, is an inflammation of the pleura, which is the moist, double-layered membrane that surrounds the lungs and lines the rib cage. The condition can make breathing extremely painful. Sometimes it is associated with another condition called pleural effusion, where excess fluid fills the area between the membrane’s layers.

Welcome to my life! This seems to be what is going on in my chest right now…never heard of it, me either. Leave it up to me to catch. They say it is caught in the rain forest by a monkey that is about the size of your hand, named the Munka mon monkey. Must be all the trips to South America lately?

Luckily I am in a small group from church with the town doctor who was able to see me tonight at small group free of charge, and call me in a prescription to make me better…12 bucks was all it took to start this recovery…man if thats how it worked normally!

Another Elevate Update: We visited West Hills Church this morning, and they just hire a new childrens minister which he seems fantastic. The church uses KidMo, “which is teaching out of the box”…quoted by the new children’s guy but it was hilarious! My team got to judge the memory verse, an it was on friendship…remember that, friendship, right…so we pick the girls, an the boys began to shout: “I hate you!…I hope you choke and Die!..” and many other things. So all in all great trip! HA ha.

Last thing is we got our first commitment in of $100 monthly!!! Yeah man…

Pray God will Provide!

(i was lying about the disease coming from the monkey..def. got it but not sure how)


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