Oh Valentines Day!

Everyday Life, Relationship, Thoughts

Love is a crazy thing…most people would agree with that, it makes you do crazy things, say crazy things…and spend crazy amounts of money! So today since I am over everything you consume at Target, I got to work in Valentines!! Not so fun, it has always amazed me how people can come Valentines Day and be really hatefully upset that we do not have anything left? Duh it is Valentines Day! But I realized something today, I never want to be that guy who is standing in a section at Target on the big day staring at the two candy hearts that we have left with a cheesy bear in my hand wondering if she is cool with the the fact that it is not regular candy, its sugar free. But then again I ordered flowers for Kelly last week, side note good thing because she lives in a house full of girls who all in one shape or form received flowers yesterday and today, but what killed me is I had to pay on top of the ridiculas amount they cost $20 extra dollars to guarantee the delivery today? I don’t like becoming that guy either…but she is worth more than I can afford…awwww…I know ladies that is sweet, and guys quit acting tough you say those things too, but this week I have learned that Kelly is a Treasure not a Target!


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