Day 2 Evolve Conference

Elevate, Ministry

Day 2 So far there has been so much information I have had to digest in these 2 days, but I can promise you that it has been worth it. God has shed a new light to my calling, but will get there in a bit, but now here is the points of the day.

Mark Batterson “How to be a secure leader.”

1 Samuel 14
*Don’t cut your ministry with your insecurities*
1)Don’t play the comparison game
~No one wins!
~What works here may not work there?
~Be the best pastor of what you have and enjoy the journey
2)Success isn’t numbers
~Success is influencing the people who are closest to you
~Be faithful to the few, and then he will give you many
3)Celebrate your failures
~they keep you grounded
~can’t understand the sweet without the sour
~Unless the Lord builds your house your labor in vain
4)Don’t Panic
~there will be moments that people scatter(college students leave for the summer)
5)Don’t get defensive
~ignore negativity
6)Surround yourself with the right people
7)Keep building altars for God
~ask yourself are you building altars for God, or monuments for yourself


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