So I am pretty excited.

Crosspoint, Ministry

I am a leader and one of the three speakers at a ministry on the campus of University of West Georgia. Crosspoint has been alive and running for a little over three years and we came on campus of West Georgia that second year when I became a part of the team. Shortly after that, considering I am a mac user, I came across a function in one of the programs on my computer that I could record podcast. If you read blogs, then you probably know what a podcast is, but just in case it is something that you can put on Itunes for everyone to download what you have recorder for free from your service. Just a little about Crosspoint, we are about 100 people thick a week, we have peaked at about 130 and we have rethought life at about 25 so, it is about college students experiencing God. I am not big on numbers but I tell you this so that you can understand the significance of what I am about to tell you. Recording these talks for about a year, we have just surpassed the 10500 download mark!! Wow our messages are getting out and with testimonials from all over this country, we are able to affect peoples lives with the truth…Thats what I am about! But with that said, we are still not significant, trust me ask the lady at the school that could care less if she drops our reservations where we meet, 2 hours before go time…haha


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