What a crummy day!

Everyday Life, Relationship, Thoughts

If you do not live in Georgia, rejoice because it is pouring and it has been doing so since this morning. On the way home, of course people drive as though it is the clearest day outside, and there was this beautiful Jaguar flying down I20 until he took flying to a new meaning as he slammed into the tree that so peacefully sat next to the road. People slow down!

Last night my bride to be and I went to the place where we are getting married and tried all the food and saw all the vendors that were displayed for all the spring weddings. Well I guess we both thought that this was an evening for two, not two hundred. So when we got there the parking lot was full, and Kelly said “this kind of makes me sad?” I asked her why, and she said “this just isn’t as special when I have to share this place with everyone else, I liked it when I thought I was the only one getting married here.” Of course I really had nothing to say except “Yeah baby, but not everyone has me at the end waiting!” I got the pity awwwwwweeee, but really I am a guy and that means being an idiot is in my genetic make up. But I really though about this conversation all day, and I couldn’t help but to think about how this must be how Jesus feels? How he has something so special for us, but we taint it with worshiping everything else around us, and he ends up having to share us with the world.

So I am convinced maybe this is why it is raining today, because I can’t help to think our Savior is in morning over our daily decisions. So thank about your priorities today, and remember why you even have the freedom to think!


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