The Challenge

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Last week at the church planters conference, I was challenged to begin to pray God sized prayers? The kind prayer that if God was to answer it people would know there is no way you yourself pulled this off. God does want us to bring all sorts of stuff to his attention, but when is the last time you prayed a prayer like “God make the sun stand still?” So all week I have been praying for this little nine year old girl that I heard on Q100 that is has a non operable disease, and is going to die shortly. It really tore my heart apart hearing her story told by her and her mother. So I prayed that God would show up in this situation like no other, because this is the kind of time where doctors have said they can’t do anything about it, and if God moved everyone would know, it wasn’t them. So please pray for this little girl, I don’t even know her name? But God does!

More to this challenge I was sitting with my fiance today and she told me the prayer that she would be praying, which by the way I always love when she shares with me what she is doing with God right now, but her prayer was that God would provide a years worth of support from people for our rent. Just to fill you in rent is about $1200 a month, and we have gotten promised so far a month $0! That kind of makes me laugh, the whole $0 part, but I want to up the game a little and say 2 years, if we are going to go, we mind as well dream big! So I would love to invite you to pray this with us! And let God bless you through our story…I will keep you updated!


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