This Weekend

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So my weekend started by going to Smith’s Ol Bar, that’s right ladies and gents I did go to a bar…not exactly what you think…so breathe! My buddy C-ray had one of his last shows there with his band Pasadena. Maybe this isn’t the exact place to be having a religious revelation, but as I saw the world as I knew it around me with everyone in a drunken stoop, I couldn’t help but feel the energy of this room as it exploded, and I began to wonder where this energy was in church. So I took it a step further and asked this girl why she was having the time of her life? And I will never forget her answer, because she simply said, “I feel Free”, and could it be that we have made church today so bonding? That the outside world is so afraid to step into its doors, because of the ridicule they might receive. Sure some will read this and try to explain her freedom with the alcohol induced night, but I promise as sure as day she really believed there was freedom in this place. I can’t remember the last time people were intoxicated with the freedom of church? I’m just saying….

Then the next day the team and I went to Newspring to visit, and get some more insight on church planting. But though it was cool to see Perry and the guys again the real amazement of this trip was bonding with the team away from reality for a night. Also this is the second week in a row I have spent sometime with parents of our team members, and I can’t express to you how blessed we are with how much they believe in us! I could have passed on the 2 1/2 hour trip with 9 of us packed into the Tahoe, but then again it is kind of humorous listening to Carson complain!


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