Tonight is the big night!


Tonight I am bringing the ending to “Going all the Way” at Crosspoint, I am so very excited because God has really been tugging my heart to give a Salvation invite? How do you pull that off with a relationship series? I don’t know we will see, all I ever said is that I was obedient not all knowing! So please readers of this thought process of mine, pray that God will move through this message, not for my glory but for his, I am so sick with peoples complacent hearts when it comes to purity!

On a lighter note we shot a promo video about a month ago and I spent all morning with the guy piecing it together, and I am extremely excited about what God is doing creatively though our team! Its amazing! But last but not least! Oprah is teaching some whack gospel on her radioshow, you should read it, it will make you throw up so prepare yourself! One of our supporters gave me a break down of this sick joke called the “New Jesus?” I will write you with details later after i read up some more, but until then recap: Pray for Crosspoint, Boycott Oprah(haha JK…but serious!) and Think Big Live Loud!


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