D-now Weekend

Everyday Life, Ministry, Prayer Request

This last weekend I helped lead worship for the d-now at Roopeville Road Baptist Church, this is like my church home from church! Every time me and C-Ray do anything for this church it is such a blessing. These kids shatter the view of youth today. I have never seen kids in such a pursuit to God than these. It is just such a blessing because, it is easy to admit now, but I had sort of given up on their generation, because of such the complacency in their lives. But the moment I met them two years ago my world changed. Along with leading worship, I was the pastor of this underground church in North Korea…if you have never done this with your youth you should. The youth minister printed some stories from “Voice of the Martyrs” and I took a group of about 13 to 14 kids, mostly girls I might add, into the woods for an experience of church in the secret in North Korea. We had kids tripping, falling, cutting their hands the whole nine yards. Probably not what the youth minister was expecting, but I really wanted to get them the whole experience. But through this I was just reminded, how blessed we are with the freedom of worship. People are risking and losing their lives for the calling everyday, and we can not even get a comfortable seat filled. Their is something wrong with that picture to me. How can someone convince people to follow them even when there is a 99% chance they will not live to see tomorrow? We have little to no effect on culture and we preach freedom. I am wondering, maybe we need to stop trying to convince people and begin living like this is the most important day of our lives because it may be the last! I can also bet these people pray more that they think. And we will sit for hours in a meeting thinking more than we pray…someone has it backwards? I am guessing us..

Pray for those who die for the cause!


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