The weekend that people just don’t understand!


So my weekend started with my roof leaking on Friday morning considering we are obviously in monsoon season, just in case they forgot to send the memo to you too! Then last night I was going to eat with my friends for my buddies bachelor weekend, and Kelly was going to go out with the girls, she made it about 5 miles and her car decided that it had enough with this crap that we call driving, and it stopped. So she calls me to come and take a look at it, and I would be about as good doing open heart surgery as I would fixing the car, or even pin pointing the problem, so as I pull up to the rescue, the sirens go off. We Pause….and everything gets still for a moments time until, a tornado decides to swoop down about a mile from us and pick up the Kroger! OK OK if that wasn’t enough I have sat at home all day with no food, because Kelly had to go to Alpharetta and so my car had to take her there, and of course no one answers their phone when you are in need! By the way it snowed this morning, which is crazy considering there was a tornado last night! The worse part about all this is we were suppose to go to Revolution Church tomorrow to visit and now I have to regretfully sit here and try to get this Jeep running again! All in a days time!! Wow so how was yours?

Here it is a pic of the damage from last night!


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