Wow, what a day!

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I failed to mention in the previous post the other really upsetting thing that happen to me this weekend. I really was trying not to speak of it because I didn’t want it to get worst…dun dun dun(my attempt of dramatic music) well it did, so I better just feel you in. Some lovely young man from New York decided he was bored so he began to type in his credit card machine random numbers, until I was the lucky winner(side note I never win anything, so i guess my luck is changing!) The reason I thought I was OK, is because they shut down my card and I couldn’t even use it so how in the world was he going to now….well he couldn’t, but at this point he really didn’t need too, trust me he is sitting pretty! I got my statement today online, and needless to say I am broke! not just now, looks like for 10 days, which is the minimum days of investigation for my bank. But hey I played a game tonight out at the big West Georgia, and we won 31-0, I know this sounds like football, but it was softball! I am a jerk though, because I drilled their shortstop in the shin, she bled, and she cried a little, I am just trying to make myself feel better, she cried a lot! Then our second game we lost, and I collided with our shortstop, I caught the ball, but she hit the ground, that is right another girl! I am a Loser, but the first step is admitting it!

For more important news, we just passed the assessment for the ARC, if you don’t know what that is, check out the man that I knew would pass, Kevin Campbells blog, I am sure that Joker can fill you in more than I. If not he has to now since I said this.
Hey don’t forget be obedient and he will be faithful, if you don’t think so start following our story!

Oh yeah and one more thing, I told everyone how we are praying that God provides a years worth of rent for us, well within the last couple days we have received $300! HA Faithfulness!


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