Wow….What a week!

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Hello Blog world, sorry it has been sometime since i could sit down and have a conversation with you guys, but for those who don’t know I work at Target, and lets just say Easter isn’t so much about Jesus there, its more about the Easter Bunny and since we happen to be one of his suppliers it has been pretty hectic! But I did get to go down to Moultrie Georgia this weekend and spend Easter with my mom, which was really awesome. We didn’t do anything much but it was so needed after a week like the last one. One of the greatest things about moms place is she always pulls through with the cooking! Home cooked meals are few and far in between around here, so it is always such a God sent when I get one.

Hear is some cool updated news:

We have received some more support in this last week so we are sitting at about $800 def. a little less than our goal of $12000 for this year but hey, we are leaving $0 behind quickly so me and Kel were pretty stoked about that.

Also we met with the guy who is marrying us and it was just so cool to sit down with him and try to flesh out the message we want to convey with our wedding, and God just reminded me that me and Kelly will be able to do so much more than we could have ever done alone now that we are getting married! It is just such an adventure everyday when we are together, and i just hate that society and culture are missing out on it because a few people really suck at it. Don’t be scared!! Marriage isn’t always terrible!!! Ha ha anyways I have to get some sleep, because class starts in 2 hours!

See Ya!


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