Things crazy in the neighborhood!

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We are two days out from traveling out to San Diego again, and before this departure can happen there is so much that needs to be done. As much as life is crazy in this rush, I find myself loving every moment filled with intensity. There is one exception to this and that would be last night! Last night Kelly and I were going to go cook out with some friends and then go to Atlanta for a Pasadena show. As we were heading to the door Kelly realized that she did not have her wallet on her, and then that followed with the thought that she left it in the computer lab at West Georgia. So for 3 hours last night we tried to convince campus police to let us in the building where we hoped it would be….long story short…I fought the law and the law won! So we are desperately waiting for them to find this, because like I said we board a plane in a couple days…but whatever, Intensity!!

I am also speaking at CrossPoint this Monday, we are in a series called Myth Busters! I am hoping to bust the myth that “God wants you happy” I know that is a pretty shocking title and I know we all want to think this is true, but I hope to open the door to the idea that God is more concerned with your holiness than your happiness.
I will be using the main verse 2 tim 4:3-4

Some Key points:
God does not want you happy when it cause you to sin
God does not want you happy because of circumstances
And finally the main stay is God doesn’t want you happy as much as he wants you blessed!

I am so hoping that God shows up and we can change the thought that God revolves around us and our happiness like some cosmic coke machine. So many people these days believe this to be true and they put their quarter in and say a little prayer and when what they order doesn’t fall out of that slot, they feel as though God has fell through, and that is not the God I serve…so Pray!


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