God Knows right where you are!

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I was reminded yesterday at church as our worship pastor told a story about this guy in Africa that he met this last week:”This guy’s wife was do any day with their kid so he sent her ahead of them to South Africa just in case the baby came early so that she could be taken care of? Well she did end up going into labor early, and being a couple of countries away he packed up the other kids, and headed as fast as he could out of town because he had a day trip ahead of him, because he was two countries away. He came to a common fork in the road and he decided to take the road less traveled because it was faster just more secluded, but he did not want to miss the birth of his little girl so he decided what the heck, what is the worst that could happen? Well it happened and he broke down, and he had not seen a car all day or any sign of life at all. He began to panic because he had no clue how to work on cars so he began to pray, “God what in the world are you doing, do you not want me to make it to my wives side, you and I both know I don’t know how to get out of this situation?” Not 30 min later another car came up which happen to have the exact knowledge and tool that this guy needed, and he was able to make to his wife side before the baby was born…It reminded him that God knows exactly where you are at? Even when it seems like you are stranded and alone…your not. This story really touched me because being a minister is the most joyful thing you can do, but it is equally hard and sometimes lonely, because of the balance that you live in as human, and as perceived that you have it all together? But God has called me and he knows exactly where i am at and what i am going through!


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