Home sweet Home!

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So this is actually the end of our first day in San Diego for our apartment and job search, and it has been an amazing day! But first off it all started yesterday, we were flying stand by, and usually it is a close call getting on the flight but we were penciled in early so that was amazing. It did take 5 hours to get here opposed to the normal 3 because we were up against 155 mph winds and that was pretty crazy! But as we landed in San Diego my heart exploded. I have had a heart for these people for quite sometime now, but I felt for the first time that I was arriving home. That is weird considering I don’t even have an apartment yet. But this morning started with dropping off Kelly for her interview with Chik-fil-et, which went really good. She was offered some selections for a job!!! Which is incredible, she has another interview with Synergy Marketing Concepts in the morning that we are really excited about.

Also today we road around with others in our group looking at apartments, and God is so good to us, because we found apartments last time we were here in the 1200 dollar range and this time we found 3 different apartments under 1000!! Probably not exciting for you, but that is worlds of difference for us!!

So please continue to pray for us as we continue to look around tomorrow and for Kelly’s second interview! I will post pics as soon as I can find a cord for the camera!


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