I heard em say………

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Yesterday we narrowed down our place to live to the top three!!

The Modernaire
Vista Capri North
Colima Linda

These three places are in Clairemont which is about 5 miles from UTC wich is 5 min to where we are planting!! So not far at all and cheaper than what we have come across before. They do something weird out here and that is month to month rent? So all three of these are month to month? And somehow to apply you have to make 3 times the rent?? That could be the only problem? Because we are PO!~ but we did look at a place called “Po”way yesterday also….but it was not so Po! So we are going to stick to these three. We are on waiting list because of such a demand for living space out here, which is iffy, but just pray that God provides!

Also we did get to go see our office space that is donated free of charge from our buddy Howard, and it rocked, maybe most would say it wasn’t the best but it got me pumped! Howard said something about this area that will probably stick with me till the end, and it wasn’t when he said, “Oh yeah, Clairemont ghetto!” about our apartments, but he said that when he recieved his calling to come out here he felt that God was calling him to plant corn on asphalt. This place is so hard and cold, all you can do is take a hammer until you reach a softer place.

So today my prayer is God give me the momentum to never stop swinging this hammer!


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