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Yesterday I went to a funeral of someone who I have know for many years, her name was Mary Sue Bennett, and she was sort of a grandmother and adviser in my life. She died last week when she had what the doctors thought was a brain aneurysm. She was in her 80’s but I am telling you that this woman had faith that could move mountains. There never was a time that I didn’t smile when I saw Mary, and she would always say Reverend Reynolds what is God telling you to do. As I sat at her funeral and listened to her friends and family give their final remarks, I couldn’t help but to think, what will they say about me? Will I be remembered as a courageous leader, or maybe as desperate as the 4 lepers in 1 Kings for God. Ever since I have gotten home I cant quit thinking of the legacy I will leave, until a few moments ago. As if he sat next to me God said “quit thinking of what you will leave and start thinking of how you will live!” So many times even throughout the Bible people are always trying to figure out how they will die, and even when it comes to Christ people like Peter was so concerned how he could die for Christ that he had to be reminded to live for Him.

I hope I leave a legacy that people see God in a way that they haven’t before, but I know today that in order to leave this kind of story, I have to begin letting God write it!


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