Seizing the opportunity

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Tomorrow I will be speaking for the last time at Crosspoint, it has been hard to find the message to go with because i have the pressure of feeling “this is the last impactful thing I get to say to these college students.” I know God will be in this but it is still what I feel, however not so spiritual that may sound? But what is funny is I am being fearful of the vary thing that I am speaking about, Becoming a Courageous leader. I have realized over time how scary it is to step into the dark unknown, and the pressure you feel when you know people may be following. But I was reminded of Joan of Arc, and when she had some general tell her that there would be no man following you over that wall, and she simply said something in the regards to that it is ok because I wont be looking back. Wow, that is the courageous leader that I long to be. I believe in some form or fashion that if you are a follower of God then you are a leader to man kind and they will follow you if you can excrete the courage that they can believe in. A story that comes to mind is the story of a shepherd that became a king, David. He took the biggest opportunity he had ever gotten and hit it right between the eyes. He was shooting for nothing else but victory. Was he fearful, who could say, I am sure he was, but he saw something defiling the very thing he believed in and couldn’t sit around and watch life as he knew it fall apart.

I know in each and every persons life there is a giant shadowing or has shadowed over you, and today is the day to set fear aside and become the courageous leader that you were built to be.


One thought on “Seizing the opportunity

  1. Man, I have been going through this same thing for the past two months. It’s been a challenge to accept God’s calling head on. Just know your not alone in your battle, I’m there with you

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