Today I feel Burdened?

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Today at work there were several of the people I work with talking about the Davinci Code, and asking what I thought about it? I simply told them well I didn’t ever see it? Well the next thing I hear is oh well his church probably wouldn’t allow him too? So if you know me then you know about this point I am ready to punch people, but of course I didn’t but then they continued to talk about Jesus and just all the “Crap” I believe in. I tried to get words in but it was a no go. I started off mad, but then a sorrow that I have never felt before set in? This isn’t the first people that have ever thought I was an idiot for believing in Jesus, but the spirit inside of me wept, and I felt as though there was nothing I could even do about it? It was the weirdest sorrow, this may sound crazy, but I was offended for the first time how they were talking about my savior. Like it has messed me up, I can not get out of this funk, because I feel as though I should apologize to God for what these guys were saying? I guess I understand when Jesus mentioned that we know not what we do? But even as I was thinking that they began to mock “we better watch out when Chris goes home tonight he is going to pray to his old buddy that we burn in hell?” Out all these years that they have known me you would think they would know by now who I am and how shallow of a statement that is, but I guess not. I know maybe I wasn’t being physically persecuted but I can promise you this, I wish they would have been saying all those things today about me and not Him, and that is not me trying to be ultra spiritual, I promise you something inside of me is damaged by those comments. How could God do so much for a creation, and they spit upon the name of Jesus. I guess they truly don’t know?


One thought on “Today I feel Burdened?

  1. Hey Man,

    I remember many days like this in Miami working at the Oakley store. You really just don’t know whether to yell at them or act like it doesn’t offend you or just weep. Just remember that Christ tells us the “they persecuted me, so they will persecute you”, and to “count it joy when you face trials and persecutions for my sake”. Thinking about this reminds me that when we face those times we become closer to Christ by sharing in his suffering. You are walking a narrow road my friend but you are not alone. We are praying for you guys.

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