Trout Fishing with the boys!

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My bachelor weekend was this past weekend, as many of you know I am getting married in 3 weeks, and I am just super stoked about starting this life off with Kelly. Most people around this time in the process you might hear about them rethinking things or what not, but I count it a blessing to be marrying such a God fearing woman. A little background info on Kelly and I, a couple weeks after we began to hang out she left for the second time to Africa to teach HIV and Aids awareness in schools in several countries. I had never up until this point met a girl that cared more about people, or that loved God more than me. That sounds crazy but I remember the second time we really hung out, we were riding to the lake to feed the ducks and she looked at me and said the famous words “I don’t play games, were either in or were not” maybe at this point people run, but I was floored because she beat me to the line, I was ready to say the same thing. So we have come about a year and a half to two years later and we walk down the aisle in three weeks, but the secret is out, we don’t begin our lives in three weeks we began our lives in that jeep in downtown driving through the square going to feed the ducks! I am a better person everyday because of our walk with Christ together. I promise you boys out there that have bought into the myth that marriage is a wash, I know that Kelly and I can impact more for Christ than we ever could have alone! We are a Team, and we will get married and jump in to serving side by side in San Diego California! WOW!

But about this weekend, what can I say I am an amazing trout fisherman!


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