Packing Begins!

Everyday Life, Relationship, Thoughts

Most of you know but just to catch you up if you don’t I move to San Diego next week(I cant even believe I just wrote that!) I will be the Executive Pastor of a church plant named Elevate. But in order for me to get out there I have to pack up all my stuff. This was suppose to be a relatively easy task considering I just moved 6 months ago and had barely unpacked in the first place. But the deal with moving across the country is, you have to really get down to bare minimum. In doing this I feel as though I just threw half of my life into the trash can. That part wasn’t as big of a deal as it was for me to come across some old letters and some old pictures and even some old videos of people I have met across this journey that has made me whom I am today. I found myself emotional, as though the first time in my life I am turning a page to this crazy story? Maybe it was the music in the background or maybe it is the fact that I am becoming so incredibly overwhelmed trying to sift through everything before next week or it could be…it just might be that I feel as though I had rushed through a lot of my life and didn’t sit back and listen to the music, the noise, the laughter or the love, I feel as though I couldn’t wait to become a grown up, whatever that even means. I heard yesterday someone speak of our God as the “God of the meantime” When I heard this phrase I thought so many times we think about where we were and how good it was, and the other times we think well if I just had this, or when I get this I will truly be able to live, but what about the “meantime”? What about right now as you and I sit in front of this computer and you begin to reflect on what life even means to you at this point, know that, I don’t know where you have been and it hurts sometimes to let go of the good times you had, and I can tell you I have no clue where you are going, but for the meantime know that he is still God. He is the one that gave you the memories, and he is the one who will give you the future, so breathe easy my friend, He was and is and is to come! So when you do life do life with him and the past will just catapult you into the future as you look for every new adventure he has in store for you! And for you, wow, yeah you that I have made so many memories with. I love you all, and I take this breathe in as a tribute to those great times we have had!


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