To sleep in a bed…


I have never longed to sleep in a bed like I do today, I haven’t updated you guys considering the lack of Internet service I have had since my trip halfway in Texas. But we made it to San Diego, God def. gave me the hook up, because I needed a storage unit until after the wedding and I found one for $10 for the first month, and the great thing is I only needed it for one month. So I flew back Tuesday night and my mother and brother picked me up from the airport where we drove four hours to her house to move her back up here to Atlanta. So from 9am to 4 am the next morning we packed and loaded and drove what seemed another drive across the country. So now I sit here limbo waiting for Sunday for my big day at my aunts house where i am sleeping in my 5 year old cousins bunk!! This is the only time I have ever felt like a giant!! So after Kelly and I get married Sunday we will go to Jamaica for a week and then we will drive the drive across America again, but i envision this one to be a fun one! Love everybody, Thing Big Live Loud!!


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