New Life, Beautiful Wife, same ol’ place!!


So today Is Wednesday June something, Kelly and I got back from our honeymoon Monday and we have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off to prepare for today, because today is the big day that we hit the road to Cali! So Jamaica was amazing, I have never met people as friendly as Jamaican people, we were never greeted with anything less than a smile and they really put the phrase “One Love” into play every moment we were around them. Then we had the last supper with all our friends back here in Georgia last night, it was such a bitter sweet time for all of us, you never know what God has blessed you with until you tell them bye? So things were going great we get up load the car and get on I-20 west bound and we made it a whopping 20 miles and the jeep took its last breath! Yeahs fellow friends, you read right..we are broke down in the Atl! Transmission problems are never your friend, so it will be an interesting next couple hours, I sit here writing to you, the world, while I look at my new bride passed out on a couch with stress and concern in her face, now that will break a man. But what can you do but laugh and then pay and when I say pay, it probably means a lot then you cry, probably cry a lot, and then get back to what we started out to do. So Satan shove it, We win! The funny thing about this whole situation that I hope others laugh with me about is, I signed the Title less than 2 hours ago, I have owned this vehicle for 2 hours, and it is already dead!! Sign me up for the luckiest man alive!….more details to come!


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