One week in…

Elevate, Ministry, San Diego, Team

So we arrived in San Diego a week ago and we have definitely hit the ground running, with several meetings under our belt and one load of clothes, we have almost got our apartment organized. Of course Kelly would say we are no where near done, but the clothes in the laundry basket and boxes in the corner sort of remind me of my days as a bachelor back home, so it is sort of welcoming? To catch you guys up a little bit, Sunday was our first launch team meeting in San Diego, of course it was only the 9 of us out here so far but we are hoping to have at least 50 before our first preview service in November. Then Kevin and I met with a local pastor here in SD named Yukon. What an authentic guy. We have also painted the offices and moved some stuff in this week, but the most important part came today, AC! Man it is hot out here, everyone swears it usually doesn’t feel like this but with no AC in any of our apartments, it sort of feels like camping in the summer time(not the greatest idea). And then tonight we met about the mission teams coming out to us and what we are doing when they get here, so that was pretty cool. Oh and the exciting thing is we are about to launch our website, and I am super stoked about just the fresh look and the contact we will be making through this. So all in all busy week trying to catch up, but more details to come!


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