Far from Home

Elevate, Everyday Life, Family, Ministry, Prayer Request, Relationship, San Diego, Thoughts

Today was one of the loneliest times of my life, grant you I have no reason to be lonely or sad. But the problem doesn’t consist of my wife or anything close to our relationship, it gets better and better everyday. The problem is I have always heard ministry can some times be a lonely place. I always thought that was a huge lie, but to just be very transparent with you, I am so home sick it is not even funny! The crazy thing is, is that I don’t want to go home necessarily but I miss that life. I miss those people, the silence of a small home town, I miss the fact that everyone knew my name, I pretty much miss everything I have always felt I wanted away from at some point. Its cool to play brave, and it is easy to hold it together…but sometimes God shows us what it is that we sacrificed to serve Him? That may sound weird or maybe you would say thats not God, that is Satan attacking me or something of that nature, but like a song I heard recently says, I feel at peace with this chaos inside. I am not sure what God is teaching me through showing me this step in my life, but it is totally weighing on me today. I am also very much at the tipping point in this ministry, I have said before that I am so sick of talking about San Diego, I just want to be there, well now I am so sick of just being here, I am ready to launch this thing!!!

Today is July 1, and there are 31 proverbs, will you read them with me this month! One a day!


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