Friends and Sushi!


So yesterday was such a great day, one I didn’t work, two I met a new friend and three I ate sushi and for the first time and I loved it. So we went down to Mission Beach where I definitely swam with a seal until someone said I think he is running from something, and then I was out, I don’t do sharks! Then our new found friend April started giving me sushi advice on stuff that I would like and it was all stuff that sounded as though I would not like it but come to find out Eel is the Jam! So the group and April went back to Ellenor’s apt. and ate sushi and Japanese and sat at the hot tub listen to ol’ Dave’s stories(Dave is a tenant that has been living in these apt. for over 20 years). It was a pretty fantastic day, oh yeah and this week Kelly was promoted to unit marketing director at her job! So over all great day!

Favorite Quotes from yesterday that you probably wont get:
Hannah speaking about Whole Foods: “Is it like Super Walmart’s Deli?”
Brittany after I ask her serious direction advise: “Do we go straight or turn?” Bea:”Yeah that’s it, I mean I don’t know?”


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