Prayer at 4:30 A.M

Prayer Request, San Diego, Thoughts

“God is more concern for your long term well being than your short term comfort.”
I heard Mark Batterson say this in his Chasing Lions series and it really stuck with me.

A lot of time we are so ready for our instant gratification because it is so easy to feel bogged down in this smothering world. But until you dive into the uncertainty the place where God wants you may alway stay uncertain, and you will always feel as though you are chasing that comfort. So I pray today that I am confident and bold to dive into the unknown in search of the ways I can glorify His name, even if it cost me my comfort.


One thought on “Prayer at 4:30 A.M

  1. Very true!!!
    I’m Jonny by the way I came across your blog while browsing.
    I’m glad I did because I find it interesting.
    Well feel free to read/comment my posts.
    I’s greatly appreciate it.

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