Day to Fast


I know you are suppose to keep fasting a secret but I figure on the Internet I had no temptation to prove how spiritual I am, and if there is any…news flash!!! I am not that spiritual. But anyways I read a verse this morning while I was fasting out of Colossians 4 and it simply talked about making the most of every opportunity. It is sorry for me to say this, but I really feel as Christians these days we are not exactly doing this. In fact we are becoming the most sissified people that believe and claim we will give our lives for a Savior who gave his. Grant you some of you never said this and you are technically in the clear and some of you are truly rocking this life out…Kudos! But the rest of us aren’t really pray fully considering that every moment we have been given is a moment that we are suppose to be ready on a dime to take what is inside us the most powerful force in the world to the ends of the earth. And please don’t think for a moment just because I am a missionary in San Diego California I have any right to say anything about this subject in fact, I am mostly speaking to me. But I want to live a life that is spoken about in Matthew 11 a life as one of those generations that are forcefully advancing Gods Kingdom. But it starts with love, and grace and forgiving because you have been forgiven. Are you living Dangerously for him? Or are you just existing?


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