Culture Shock


The number one thing I get asked when I go home, is people always want to know what the biggest culture shock has been since I have been in San Diego. I have pondered over this question for sometime now, and I woke up in the middle of the night last night with this thought. Here it is…

The biggest culture shock that came with my move to San Diego comes when I go back home. I forget what it is like to sit in a worship setting and
1) Actually see that freedom of worship
2) see people who don’t know how good they have it worshiping in a setting where it is free and no one will look at you as a foreigner that has lost your mind.

Sometimes in San Diego I feel as though I am in a different country. Like Kelly and I moved to a little village where we work everyday to survive and people are all around us speaking a language we don’t understand, and when we open our mouths, all they here is sound, nothing in a string of words that they can put together and understand where we are coming from. Why is it that we cant worship in a free atmosphere when Paul can be in chains with the end of his life in sight praising the God that let him be bound for the beauty of the call. I know that Paul had an encounter that most of us never had, to hear the very words of God must be life changing, at least we know it is from people like Moses, Abraham, and even Paul. So what is it that we are missing, is it that true encounter? Is it truly because we ourselves have never really had that moment that people would write about, as the day our lives transformed. I am not really sure what it is that contains us to this box most of us live in? But when people ask what the biggest culture shock that came with this move I think it is that I didn’t realize how free it was there, and I don’t realize how free it is becoming here.


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