2 weeks from today?

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Two Weeks from today Elevate has its first service, sure it is a preview service but it is the moment that all we have prepared for gets fleshed out, Good or Bad? I am super stoked but super sick to my stomach! If you havent heard we are launching in a movie theater, which has been such a fantastic blessing to be able to book this facilities. If I was able to give advice to other planters that may not be as far as us in their journey I would say this….Hold on! and Throw up!!! Its ok!! Ha ha I am so not kidding your nerves will be shot but your faith will be rocking! God is good to us, he has provided for me to begin working this week part time for Elevate and he has also provided 14 people starting tomorrow to sit for an hour a week and listen to my views and thoughts about God and this journey we call life? Our first small group is launching…and the great thing is, is half of these people dont even give a rip about God! Which you may be thinking “and why is this great?” I am not sure why it is great it just feels great, could be disasterous, but I believe it is fantastic! Blue like Monday is the name of this group, because we are going through Donald Millers book Blue Like Jazz. So hold your breath hold on and I will write everyday until November 16 to keep you up to date!


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