One of the hardest days of my life

Elevate, Family, Ministry, San Diego, Thoughts

Yesterday was definitely one of the hardest days of my life. I have never felt such a relief while feeling so stressed out at the same time. Most of you know but if you don’t here it is. Elevate had its first preview yesterday. It started with me watching my clock waiting for it to give me permission to get up and get ready at 530 am. Finally as the alarm sounded, I was like a kid at Christmas that couldn’t wait to get what I have been waiting for. That feeling lasted for about 30 minutes until I found myself coasting with no gas in the middle of a 5 lane Highway, in a 16 ft. box truck! Now that’s a thrill. It seems as though someone needed our gas just as much as we did and took it the night before somewhere between the hours of 7 and 530 am? Because when I went to check the truck gas was still almost full. So as I am coasting I get that panic feeling in my chest, that really never left until late last night several hours after our service. But the service went better than expected considering it was our first and we were hosting a band we had never heard in a place we had never been with stuff we had never set up. Corey Bilankov is a fantastic worship leader and really blessed us with their presence, and our life saver Chris Fuller ran all our tech stuff, and did such a fantastic job. In fact kind of makes me worried we wont have him for next time! We had 65 or so attendants including 8 kids in the kids service. We collected 84 dollars and most importantly had one salvation! So that is our first service for all who wanders what it may look like! Hardest but one of the greatest days of my life. The whole service I just reflected on all that went into getting this off the ground and I tell you it was pretty emotional! And to Kelly my wife, I couldn’t imagine our lives any other way. Thank you for your support!


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