Sin found a way to pervert the command into temptation

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I was studying for a small group I teach on Monday nights, really it is more like leading a discussion because the group is so dynamic that teaching, would actually cut half of the crowd out of the equation. But as I was reading Blue Like Jazz and Donald Millers take on grace, I thought of Romans 7. Where Paul talks about doing what he doesn’t want to do and not doing what he does. So many people just read through this verse because it is more like a tongue twister than what seems to be a truth. But as I read this I also was thinking about the verse in Psalms 119 where it talks about changing the heart and how the rest will follow. I started thinking about these verses together and realize to many people including myself in life spend so much valuable energy on trying to live right instead of focusing and really taking the simpler path of changing our heart? It really all starts here, as mystical as this organ is literally and figuratively we get lost in translation and complicate things. With out a change of heart you trying to live a good life is clearly going to eventually turn into living right for the wrong reasons. I believe when sin came into this world we became incapable to live good lives, without Christ of course but even then we as in this side of the spiritual team still don’t live that great of lives? Why do you and I feel as though we still have to prove ourselves as though God is some sort of bookie waiting to collect on the loan(Christ Death) he gave for us to borrow. Christ was a gift and that is the difficulty of grace. Even at Christmas people buy gifts just because they know the other person is going to buy something and they cant stand the thought of how awkward it will be come Christmas morning when all they have to give is a thank you? Sure with Christ death there comes life change? But not always? He died for those who will never even trust that he really did? So why try to pay back God when you can just focus on your heart and making it right and let him live through you. Because then and only then can you begin to do good, when not you but he does good through you!


One thought on “Sin found a way to pervert the command into temptation

  1. You are so provocative and capable of explaining yourself in a short time. When you speak somebody is bound to listen. The heart is the reason I cam to Christ, i mean really trying to live right, because I was terrible. i everything I touch falls apart except by Grace. Grace is what has changed me so much over so few months. Thank you Chris for fighting over a little known book. If I had not gotten so furious at you who I knew as a friend before a Pastor , I would never have changed. Your heart allowed me to see past logic, bureaucracy, religiosity, junk and Mites and see the Heart that said the Bible matters. Thank You again.

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